ColdTears Audio

We have been around for a long time.

One of our old guildmates would record alot of our raids in vent and make awesome sound clips.

When he decided to quit playing, Mr Coldtears sent me all of the sound clips from our raids.
Enjoy, they are hilarious. Some are just silly but most are GREAT!!!!


BooWoo GTFO:


BooWoo Gomtang Roll!!:


BooWoo WTF!:


Dark Green Helmet:


Dark Stuck In A Tent:


Dark Vengeful AV:


Gomtang Necklace:


Hanzo ZING!:


Hanzu Get DOWN!:


IHealYou Like Big Dicks:


IHealYou Stuck In A Tent:


IHealYou Crit Chicken:


Laugus Repair Bill:


Laugus Die?:


Laugus Japanese:


Laugus Release Run Back:


Moriendi Date Skexxies:


Moriendi Duh heh heh:


Moriendi Parachute:


Necro Buttons:


Necro Volvo:


Pulp Fiction Look Like a Bitch:


RightO NateO:


Skexxies Onyxia Wipe:


Fucking Gomtang!:


Tyree Like Some Tea?:


Necro Cafe:


Skexxies Tears:


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