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How do they make it look so easy

Zek’Voz Down

Zek’Voz was a pain in the arse but we did it. Great job and teamwork. Next is Vectis

Here is the report from Zek


Read up on the mechanics Here

You can see the video here

Uldir Raid pt 2

Great job again team. Here is how we ranked, which is pretty damn good. Since this is only our second time raiding together, we are gelling as a team and will continue to progress well through this raid with no problem. Really need people to watch and learn fights so we do not take so long learning them, but on a side note, I do like when we come together as a team and create strategies that work for us.


First Guild Uldir Raid

Great work all on our first guild raid and killing Taloc

World of logs info below with DPS data and Healing data is patchy at best but it is there.


Be sure to check out our Wow Progress and update your profile



Great work all and see you tonight


BFA Raid group setup

Hey all, glad to see that we are getting some good members and people are participating in getting geared.

We will be raiding Tues-Thurs.

We have been very casual, still plan on being casual but would like to have guild raids for achieves, guild activity, comradery. And overall just fun and get to understand how each other plays and work as a team together.

If you are interested, please make sure you know the fights. We can start with some basic low level raids like Reg Emerald Nightmare and move to Heroic once we get our teams figured out and people learn play styles.

I highly recommend watching strategies played out by Fatboss https://www.youtube.com/user/FatbossTV


WowHead also has Uldir Guides which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO IF YOU WANT TO RAID


They do a great job with explaining almost every aspect and from different POV’s.

Do not expect to raid if you do not know the fights (at least the basic mechanics from LFR and watch the videos) and have the following:

  1. Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)
  2. Discord for voice , really for Raid leaders and instructions. This is free and easy. You can run from the web or download the client…up to you. Do not need a mic, just need to listen, unless you are a Officer or Raid Leader.
  3. Item Level 330+

Please comment and let the team know what spot you would like in the list below

Main Tank – Sibling , Need 1 or 2 alternatives
Off Tank –
Healers – Yinyáng , Lightpally,  need at least 5 with a few alternatives
Ranged DPS –
Melee DPS –

DPS will need to be a good mix of each class. Do not get pissed if you cannot get into one raid as we will want to run a few each week and progress.

We have been around since before Burning Crusade and have been in the top 50 raiding guilds on the server more than a few tiers. So after years of raiding experience, people do not always make runs and we will always need to rotate people around. We all have lives and things happen, so if you cannot make it and have the ability, please let someone know or post on the site that you cannot make it so we can make arrangements for a substitute.


Thank you all,

Mike – Sibling


New site

Welcome all new and long time members to the new Sixth Sense Guild website.

Please register your toon and update your profile accordingly. I will be adding a ton of features to this page for collaboration and strategies for raids and PVP.

The site has a chat system, full profile system and implementing a full guild roster and update system.


Have fun and keep in touch,

Mike – Sibling


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