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How do they make it look so easy

Zek’Voz Down

Zek’Voz was a pain in the arse but we did it. Great job and teamwork. Next is Vectis

Here is the report from Zek


Read up on the mechanics Here

You can see the video here

Zek’Voz Video

Great video and instructions for the fight that kicked our asses last night

Everyone watch and learn!!!


Uldir Raid pt 2

Great job again team. Here is how we ranked, which is pretty damn good. Since this is only our second time raiding together, we are gelling as a team and will continue to progress well through this raid with no problem. Really need people to watch and learn fights so we do not take so long learning them, but on a side note, I do like when we come together as a team and create strategies that work for us.


First Guild Uldir Raid

Great work all on our first guild raid and killing Taloc

World of logs info below with DPS data and Healing data is patchy at best but it is there.


Be sure to check out our Wow Progress and update your profile



Great work all and see you tonight


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