Want to fly in ShadowLands huh??


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Shadowlands Pathfinder

While we do not know much about the Shadowlands Pathfinder and how to unlock flying in the new expansion yet, it looks like there will be just 1 achievements this time around.

Blizzard also confirmed that flying is coming in the first major content patch of Shadowlands, instead of the second, so we will be able to unlock flying in Patch 9.1, instead of 9.2.2.

Flightmaster’s Whistle

Flight Master's Whistle Icon Flight Master’s Whistle will not be returning for Shadowlands due to how the new zones are laid out. They are too far away from each other, and Oribos, serves as a main hub.2.1.

Shadowlands Pathfinder Requirements

Based on previous expansions, we think Shadowlands Pathfinder will have the following requirements:

  • Explore the new Shadowlands zones.
  • Complete all zones’ questlines.
  • Reach a certain level of Covenant Renown.

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